Wideye Sabre Ranger

The SABRE Ranger M2M is a BGAN M2M (machine-to-machine) terminal with a ruggedized mechanical enclosure that builds for long term outdoor all weather installation. It is designed for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) applications in remote unmanned location where users are able to activate/deactivate and reboot remotely via SMS. The terminal can be configured remotely using SMS commands; and logs can be retrieved remotely for debugging.


  Wideye Sabre Ranger M2MFeatures

  •   Remote control via SMS: PDP activation/deactivation;
       Reboot terminal and Write/Read default APN.
  •   Remote upload and retrieval of log files and configuration
       update via AT commands.
  •   IP watchdog for fail-safe operation.
  •   Built-in Ethernet and serial port.
  •   Support port forwarding for Router (multi-user) mode.
  •   Allows up to 10 sub-accounts to be created with each account
       configured according to their requirements and has limited
       access to the menu compared to the administrator.
  •   Firmware upgrades over the air or local.
  •   C1D2 certification comes standard with terminal
  •   Mounting kit comes standard with terminal
  Technical Specifications
  •   Dimension: 305 x 186 x 49mm
  •   Weight: 1.5kg
  •   Operating Temperature: Relative humidity 95% at +40°C.
  •   Ingress Protection: IP65
  Power Consumption
  •   DC input voltage: +12 to +18 Vdc Min 2A.
  •   Ultra-low power consumption Transmit: 22 W, Receive: 6 W
  •   RJ45 Ethernet connection
  •   RS-232 (DB9) 9600 bps Serial connection
  What's in the box?
  •   SABRE Ranger M2M Terminal
  •   Mounting Frame (including four allen screws with washers,
       four bolts with nuts and washers)
  •   Two U-bolts with four washers and nuts
  •   Ethernet cable (RJ45, 1.5m)
  •   Serial cable (DB9 to RS232, 1.8m)
  •   DC power cable (DC plug to open end wires, 1.5m)
  •   Multi-function cable (10m)

Wideye Sabre Ranger

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