Troubleshooting Thuraya Seagull 5000i


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  SEAGULL 5000i does not contain consumer serviceable components. You are advised not to carry out any kind of troubleshooting. In case you face any
  problems, contact Customer Care. Only authorised service personnel can repair the equipment.
   Antenna and RF cables
  Use only SEAGULL 5000i antenna and RF cables that have been specifically designed for your terminal.
  Unauthorised antennas, cables and cable length modifications, or attachments could damage SEAGULL 5000i and may violate the relevant regulations,
  causing loss or degradation of performance and radio frequency (RF) energy above the recommended limits. If your SEAGULL 5000i antenna gets
  damaged, please contact Customer Care.
  - Do not place SEAGULL 5000i in a wet area.
  - Do not expose SEAGULL 5000i to temperatures greater than +55 degree Celsius or less than –10 degree Celsius.
  - Do not expose SEAGULL 5000i to moisture, dust etc.
  - Avoid placing SEAGULL 5000i close to open flames or any source of heat.
  - Do not expose SEAGULL 5000i to direct sunlight.
  - Do not disassemble SEAGULL 5000i; this will void your warranty.
   Care and Maintenance
  - Do not store it in hot areas. High temperatures can shorten the life of electronic devices, damage batteries, and warp or melt certain plastics.
  - Do not attempt to open it. Mishandling of the device may damage it.
  - Do not drop, apply pressure or shake it. Rough handling can break internal circuit boards.
  - Do not use chemicals, cleaning solvents, or strong detergents to clean it. Wipe it smoothly with a soft cloth.
  - Use only the supplied or approved replacement antenna. Unauthorized antennas, modifications or attachments could damage the SEAGULL 5000i
    and may violate regulations regarding radio devices.
  - If the SEAGULL 5000i, handset or any accessory does not function properly, contact Customer Care.
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