Choose the kit which best fits your Thuraya handset

Thuraya External Antenna
Thuraya Fixed Docking Unit
Vehicle Kit for Thuraya XT/XT-DUAL

External antenna for SatSleeve, XT-LITE/ XT, XT-PRO DUAL / XT-PRO

Fixed Docking Kits (FDU)

Vehicle Docking Kit for Thuraya XT-PRO DUAL/ XT-PRO / XT

The external antenna provides improved satellite signal reception when used on the move or stationary, e.g. in caravans, vehicles or boats. It is compatible with Thuraya SatSleeve, XT-LITE, XT, XT-PRO and XT-PRO DUAL.


The FDU is a home and office docking adapter that allows you to use the Thuraya XT-PRO DUAL, XT-PRO and XT indoors.


The vehicle docking kit with external antenna ensures reliable satellite services while on the go, with loudspeaker and microphone.


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