Manage your Pivotel Satellite Data Terminals and control your costs with Pulsar® Portal

Web-based control of your satellite data devices and services:

BGAN M2M Features

Control costs

Use the Pulsar® Portal to set usage thresholds for your satellite data services then configure e-mail and SMS usage alerts or control limits in near real time mitigating bill shock.

Stay in touch

Use the Pulsar® Portal to view your usage in near real time so you can easily see which terminals are approaching usage thresholds.

Stay connected

See in real time which of your IP services is currently live on the network and access Remote Control for selected terminals.

Enjoy the view

Configure your personal dashboard display tiles to monitor your satellite data terminal usage.

Stay in control

Manage Pulsar® Portal user permissions to manage access for your organisation.

Laptop showing the Pulsar dashboarddownload the quick user guidepulsar account & login
Pulsar®, Australia's leading Satellite Data Management Platform is a global, cloud based system that has been empowering satellite M2M and IoT users since 2006.
"The Pulsar Platform allows us to monitor the data usage on our remote monitoring system, which helps to protect against high data costs and have early warning mechanisms in place to alert us of any potential issues." Concept Environmental Services
"The very fact that we use satellite means that remote operations are distant and often very inaccessible. Being able to access and monitor the units remotely saves us time and money." Prospect Group - Prospect Environmental

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Pulsar® for IoT Services (real time IP Based Satellite Services)

For Satellite IP Based services, Pulsar® provides a single point of interconnect to the Pivotel data network, Australia’s only carrier-grade data network dedicated to IP satellite data services. Because Pivotel is Australia’s only licenced mobile carrier focussed exclusively on satellite communications, we understand both the critical importance of satellite communications and the associated cost risk, so we have designed Pulsar® to be a robust, high availability network solution.

Pulsar® for real time IP Based Satellite Services diagram

Pulsar® for M2M Services (store-and-forward Satellite M2M services)

For Satellite M2M ‘store-and-forward’ services, Pulsar® provides a network and device agnostic two-way messaging API, supported by a high availability network and server architecture. This means you only need to support a single point of interconnect and single messaging API to meet all of your Satellite M2M needs. When you have a new customer need that is best met by a different technology there’s no need for a new integration – you’re already there!

Pulsar® for store-and-forward Satellite M2M services diagram
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