Pulsar® Testimonials

"Concept Environmental Services is committed to creating sustainable fluid storage solutions for the oil & gas, mining, energy and utilities industries. Servicing clients such as Origin, QGC, Santos, Arrow Energy and Roy Hill, Concept’s modular fluid storage solutions are often in remote locations throughout Australia."

"Having the ability to use Pivotel’s Pulsar Portal provides a satellite communications tool which allows our remote satellite systems to be monitored from our Brisbane control centre. In addition to monitoring the status of remote fluid storage operations to ensure all systems are on-line, direct communication with the remote sites allows us to reconfigure usage thresholds, set alerts and control our systems, no matter where they are. By setting alerts we know when a situation calls for a site visit or can be managed remotely, this eliminates unnecessary remote travel."

"Concept often provides fully monitored fluid storage solutions to customers, where we monitor their remote operations and report back on trends and usage volumes so our customers can make informed operational decisions. The Pulsar Platform allows us to monitor the data usage on our remote monitoring system, which helps to protect against high data costs and have early warning mechanisms in place to alert us of any potential issues."

"Concept happily recommends Pivotel Satellite’s Pulsar Portal to anyone using remote maintenance or data loggers to ensure that your remote satellite network is up and running and operating to improve efficiencies of your services to the end client."

Concept Environmental Services



"The Pulsar system provides Prospect Environmental with a tool to efficiently manage our fleet of satellite modems. Having the ability to remotely reconfigure the units allows us to change the settings, and configuration of the communications quickly. The very fact that we use satellite means that remote operations are distant and often very inaccessible. Being able to access and monitor the units remotely saves us time and money."

"Pulsar provides individual volume limits that protect us against data over-runs. Early set point alarms mean that we can manage any high usage issues before they become an expensive mistake, this also gives us additional fault find capabilities that we never had in the past."

"We would recommend the Pulsar system to any organisation using remote telemetry units."

Prospect Group - Prospect Environmental


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