Cobham Portable Antenna. Enhancing satellite IP performance.

The Cobham flat panel antenna provides reliable connectivity through your Thuraya IP terminal, enhancing the performance of the Thuraya IP service. This portable antenna enables 384 kbps Streaming IP in addition to improving the performance in Standard IP mode. The antenna is simply pointed towards the Thuraya satellite and can be mounted on the Thuraya IP terminal with a 200mm long cable. The antenna is ideal for customers who want a lightweight and portable antenna to obtain the best bandwidth. It is ideal for media, government and energy customers.


   Bandwidth capabilities

  •   Standard IP: Up to 444kbps Downlink; Up to 404 kbps Uplink
  •   Streaming IP: Up to 384 kbps

   Electrical Specifications

  •   Frequency: 1.52 - 1.66 GHz
  •   Gain: Greater than 15.0 dBiC Typ.
  •   Polarization: Left Hand Circular
  •   Beamwidth: 22° (Az) x 32° (El) approx.
  •   Axial ratio: 3.0 dB Typ.
  •   VSWR: 1.5:1
  •   Power rating: 10W
  •   Front to back: less than 35 dB
  •   Connectors: SMA(M) on 200mm cable for GPS, SMB(M) on
       200mm cable for Satellite

   Mechanical Specifications

  •   Standard finish: Gloss white
  •   Mass: 1.8 kg/4.0 lbs
  •   Temperature: -40° to +60°C

   Mounting options

  •   Kits available: Adjustable legs (supplied as shown)

Cobham Portable Antenna

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