Cobham Fixed Antenna. Enhancing satellite IP performance.

The antenna provides reliable connectivity through your Thuraya IP terminal enhancing the performance of Standard IP and Streaming IP. The antenna easily enables 384 kbps Streaming IP in addition to improving the performance in Standard IP mode. The antenna can be easily pointed towards the Thuraya satellite and can be connect via cables up to 10m from a Thuraya IP terminal. Ideal for customers who want to use Thuraya IP indoors. It is easily installed, simply fix the flat panel antenna either on the side of the building, on the roof or fix it to a pole.


   Bandwidth capabilities

  •   Standard IP: Up to 444kbps Downlink; Up to 404 kbps Uplink
  •   Streaming IP: Up to 384 kbps

   Electrical Specifications

  •   Frequency: 1.5250 - 1.6605 GHz
  •   Gain: 15.0 dBi Rx, 15.1 dBi Tx Nom, including cable
  •   Polarization: Left Hand Circular
  •   Beamwidth: 22° (Az) x 22° (El) approx.
  •   Axial ratio: 3 dB worst case on Boresight
  •   VSWR: less then 1.5:1
  •   Power rating: 10W
  •   Front to back: greater than 30 dB
  •   Grounding: DC grounded

   Mechanical Specifications

  •   Standard finish: Gloss white
  •   Mass: 1.7 kg/3.7 lbs
  •   Temperature: -50° to +60°C operating, -50° to +80°C storage
  •   Wind loading: Will survive 160kph/100mph winds

Cobham Fixed Antenna

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