Inmarsat Isatphone 2 $0 Upfront on a 24 month plan with handset payments of $40 per month on isat 40; $35 per month on isat 60, isat 80 or isat 99 for 24 months!

Offers not valid in conjunction with any other offer. $0 upfront offer available to credit approved customers only, when purchasing a new IsatPhone 2 on a new 24 month Isat 40, Isat 60, Isat 80 or Isat 99 plan. $0 upfront handset payment plan: $40 per month on Isat40 for 24 months, or only $35 per month on Isat 60, Isat 80, or Isat 99 over 24 months. Min cost over 24 months is $1,920 on Isat 40 (handset payments incl). $849 offer available to credit approved customers only, when purchasing a new IsatPhone 2 on a new 24 month Isat 40, Isat 60, Isat 80 or Isat 99 plan. Min cost over 24 months is handset $849 + $960 on Isat 40. $1,099 outright IsatPhone 2 offer is available when purchasing a new IsatPhone 2 on any Isat 40, Isat 60, Isat 80 or Isat 99 plan, no minimum term applies. Min cost over 1 month is handset $1,099 + $90 on Isat 40 ($50 connection fee incl). Offers are available until 30th November 2017 and may be withdrawn or varied by Pivotel at any time in its sole discretion.

About IsatPhone 2:

IsatPhone 2 is a tough phone for a tough world. The robust handset has been engineered to cope with anything that nature can throw at it from searing heat to desert sandstorms or monsoon rain. With fast network registration, and battery life offering 8 hours' talk time and up to 160 hours on standby, you know you can depend on IsatPhone 2. Get excellent voice call quality using a simple handset, all on the reliable Inmarsat network with near-global coverage.

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ISATPHONE 2 Rate Plans

Why Pivotel?

standard numbers icon

Standard Australian Mobile Numbers

with simple national dialling within Australia, not complicated international satellite numbers and international dialling plans.

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Callers To You Pay Standard Mobile Rates -

This compares with the cost to call satellite numbers provided by other satellite companies of up to $20 per minute.

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No Call Restrictions When Calling a Pivotel Satellite Phone from a PBX

Calls can be made to a Pivotel satellite phone from a PBX with international calling restrictions when international satellite numbers would be blocked.

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Satellite Technology

With Pivotel you get one network service but have four satellite technology options providing more choices for a satellite phone fleet that meets your business needs.

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Make Calls Within Your Fleet At Standard Rates

Calls on the Pivotel network between phones on different satellite technologies are always charged at call-to-mobile rates so you don't need to worry about high calling costs between satellite technologies.

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Simple Domestic Dialling

Dial just like you would from a mobile, so you don't need to remember complex dialling strings and country codes.

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Phone Number White Lists

Restrict the numbers able to be called from your satellite phones and reduce unauthorised use.

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Australian Customer Care -

Our Customer Care team are specially trained in satellite solutions, to answer your questions quickly and efficiently.

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Progressive Usage Alerts

Receive free email and satellite SMS alert notifications when you exceed usage thresholds based on your plan's included call value to help control your costs.

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Australian Voicemail Service

Never miss an important call and pay only when you need to call in to retrieve voicemail messages.

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