Pivotel Thuraya Big Bundle. Option 1 $79 Satellite Only Pivotel Thuraya Big Bundle Plan. Option 2 $99 Satellite & Mobile Pivotel Thuraya Big Bundle Plan

Set up automatic call forwarding to send your Pivotel Mobile calls to your satellite service when you’re outside of mobile coverage areas!

Use the Pivotel Thuraya Big Bundle with the Pivotel SatSleeve for seamless use of your smartphone – you can also access the Big Bundle using any other Thuraya handset on the Pivotel network.

About The Pivotel Thuraya Big Bundle

Get UNLIMITED calls & SMS and up to 2GB data for use from your mobile PLUS up to $400 included value to use when you’re outside mobile coverage areas! Perfect for BIG call, SMS and data users who still want to use their phone service while off the beaten track!

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Unlimited calls & SMS while inside mobile coverage areas PLUS huge included value to use outside coverage while connected via satellite.

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Forward your calls from your mobile to your satellite service automatically while you’re outside mobile coverage areas.

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Two services: cellular and satellite. One Pivotel bill and account.

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Already have a mobile plan you’re happy with? Get the satellite part of the Thuraya Big Bundle for your Thuraya device for only $79!

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Why Pivotel?

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Standard Australian Mobile Numbers

with simple national dialling within Australia, not complicated international satellite numbers and international dialling plans.

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Callers To You Pay Standard Mobile Rates -

This compares with the cost to call satellite numbers provided by other satellite companies of up to $20 per minute.

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No Call Restrictions When Calling a Pivotel Satellite Phone from a PBX

Calls can be made to a Pivotel satellite phone from a PBX with international calling restrictions when international satellite numbers would be blocked.

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Satellite Technology

With Pivotel you get one network service but have four satellite technology options providing more choices for a satellite phone fleet that meets your business needs.

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Make Calls Within Your Fleet At Standard Rates

Calls on the Pivotel network between phones on different satellite technologies are always charged at call-to-mobile rates so you don't need to worry about high calling costs between satellite technologies.

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Simple Domestic Dialling

Dial just like you would from a mobile, so you don't need to remember complex dialling strings and country codes.

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Phone Number White Lists

Restrict the numbers able to be called from your satellite phones and reduce unauthorised use.

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Australian Customer Care -

Our Customer Care team are specially trained in satellite solutions, to answer your questions quickly and efficiently.

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Progressive Usage Alerts

Receive free email and satellite SMS alert notifications when you exceed usage thresholds based on your plan's included call value to help control your costs.

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Australian Voicemail Service

Never miss an important call and pay only when you need to call in to retrieve voicemail messages.

Pivotel Thuraya plans use the Thuraya Mobile Satellite Network. Satellite reception limitations and some exclusion zones apply. All calls are charged in 1 minute increments unless otherwise stated. Prices include GST and are subject to change. Actual charges may vary on your statement as charges are rounded to the nearest cent before GST is included. Included call value excludes premium calls, calls to special numbers, IDD (international direct dial) calls and premium text. Data is billed in 10kB increments. 24 month minimum term applies. Visit www.pivotel.com.au/coverage for a coverage map. A Thuraya device is required to access the Pivotel Thuraya service (see handset pricing). Pivotel Mobile uses the Vodafone Wholesale mobile network. Coverage limitations may apply. Prices are quoted including GST, and are subject to change. Actual charges may vary on your statement, as charges are rounded to the nearest cent before GST is included. Flagfall and per minute usage fees apply to call types not included in the plan. Standard call types exclude calls to premium numbers, video calls, international calls, satellite calls and other special service numbers. Standard text excludes premium text and video MMS. Up to 2GB data allowance is included, billed per 1MB. Excess data is charged at 2c per MB. Blackberry data is not included and is charged separately at $1.00 per MB. 24 month minimum term applies. A 3G capable handset or modem is required to access Pivotel Mobile services. Data capability is supported at speeds up to High Speed Packet Access Plus (HSPA+) where available. Pivotel may apply call barring where fraudulent use is suspected or for credit control purposes. You will receive a bill by email from Pivotel listing any payments you have made during the billing period, and a summary of your service usage to enable you to keep track of your overall service usage and monthly spend. Itemised billed and unbilled service usage is available in the secure Selfcare website at www.pivotel.com.au/selfcare. An itemised bill listing all of your service usage events is available on request. You may elect to receive a paper bill by post for an additional fee. Pivotel plans are available to credit approved customers only. Minimum cost over 24 months is $1,896 on the satellite-only Thuraya Big Bundle plan and $2,376 on the satellite + cellular Thuraya Big Bundle plan. You may receive a pro-rata access fee charge on your first Pivotel bill, calculated from the actual date of service connection to the date of your first bill.

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